Monday, August 01, 2005

dinner party

after 40 minutes trying to find a rickshaw that would take us for a reasonable price (no one would use the meter) we arrived at V's new place for spaghetti carbonara cooked up by a real italian. V hadn't purchased much furniture yet so we sat on his floor and ate. yum. B, B2 and A were there, and even B's sari-clad indian girlfriend showed up, disproving my theory that she didn't really exist. she mostly stayed in the kitchen helping V cook and clean. i felt bad about this and made a few attempts to emancipate her, but she declined. we we're all drinking and eating pork, two things i later learned she disapproves of, so she was probably happier away from us. why she's shacking up with a pork/beef eating swedish drinker is unclear.

seeing V's place, i realized how badly i'm being ripped off. his place is a brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bath place for 6000 a month (about $150). Mine is a 1 bed, 1 bath, older place and i pay 15000. sure, my rooms are much bigger and furnished and i am in the city center. still, if i were going to be here for 2 years like these guys, i'd definitely move, despite the rickshaw hassle. speaking of which, the evening ended at 1am, and i walked out to find a rickshaw, but the streets were deserted. i stood and waited, slowly coming to terms with the idea of sleeping on V's floor, when a lone rickshaw appeared and only charged me double the meter for a ride home. we shared the road with a few cows and no one else. easily my most pleasant ride in india so far.