Wednesday, September 07, 2005

happy Ganesha Chaturthi

it's the national holiday for everyone's favorite deity, lord ganesha. it's hard not to like a plump, friendly, multi-armed elephant dude who rides around on a tiny mouse. folks will be going nuts for the next few days. i might walk over to the lake later and see ganesha submerged.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

identity crisis

when you're a white guy with long blond hair in india, people tend to remember you. unfortunately when you're a white guy with a shitty memory and you meet new indians almost every day, you tend to forget some of them.

this causes problems. i've been here long enough now that i run into people randomly in the street who stop and greet me, often addressing me by name. the problem is i often don't know who they are, though usually they look sort of familiar. this morning it was the guy who sold me and most of my students guitars--i've been to his shop about 5 times, but he still had to tell me who he was. and i was greeted by my old buddy girish the other day, and we're supposed to get together sometime. if only i could figure out who the hell he is.