Thursday, October 27, 2005

everyone loves disaster pics

a few bangalore photos

the flood both giveth and taketh away

my favorite stat:

over 1000 street cows dead.

these aren't my photos. thanks to the anonymous photographers...

Monday, October 24, 2005

they're on to me

some guys at the office have found my blog simply via strategic googling. i'd always thought i'd be protected by the vastness of the internet/blogosphere.

if the people i've been socializing with find it i'll be run out of town. especially now that i'm running into the "my ridiculous teenage party" crowd and their circle of friends on a regular basis. perhaps it's time to make some edits. or i could just sit back and wait for the coming disaster. all of this socializing goes against my surly and aloof nature anyway. it's getting to be exhausting. this weekend was pretty much one continuous party, culminating last night in, of all things, karaoke. yeah, that's how far i am from where i should be. and this wasn't just any karaoke--this was hipster karaoke. imagine an exclusive new york club frequented by fashion models--the kind of place that would never let me in. now replace all the kate mosses and cocaine with fashionable indians and a karaoke machine. it sounds weird, but it worked, somehow.

4.75 inches of rain in one night

an insane amount of rain fell this weekend. the monsoon was supposed to have ended a month ago, but these last few weeks have been the wettest since i arrived.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

bernard's rebellion

you may recall from a previous post that i have a neck cyst by the name of bernard. unfortunately he has grown red and angry and pussy. i am in the middle of performing an antibiotic exorcism. hopefully he'll settle down and i won't have to have him cut out.