Friday, July 22, 2005


yes, i went with B&V to another disco, this one called sparks. as usual, B&V promised they'd bring other people, and as usual those people didn't show up. the club seemed dead at first, but lo and behold, scantily clad (by indian standards), menless women began to arrive in significant numbers (they get in free, we don't). soon they were even dancing to the plodding hip-hop churned out by a squad of hipster djs. all i had to do was go out there and i'd be dancing with 8 partnerless women. but like the shy young indian men all around me, i hadn't yet downed enough liquid courage to make this happen. neither had B & V. by the time i was drunk enough to dance, the 11pm closing hour hit and we were booted out. i'm so lame.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


1. guitar class is down to about 5 people now. my students are eager enough while we're in class, but they are clearly not practicing enough at home. i'm starting to change my approach from the carrot to the stick.

2. i think i got the voice-over job, sort of. a woman called me and mentioned the name of the educational cd-rom company and what sounded like the payment rate along with bunch of stuff i couldn't understand. i asked her to repeat what she was saying but it still made no sense to me at all. she assumed we had a bad phone connection, but we didn't. she told me she'd call back but she never did, and i never bothered calling them back either. so much for that career path.

3. my maid has never again tried to seduce me. this is a little disappointing.

4. i'm considering poisoning the dog that attacks me every night.

5. i've stopped eating with my hands. once the novelty wore off, i decided i preferred using a spoon.

6. i got a new nephew the other day. that makes 4 nephews, no nieces.

7. the indian woman of my dreams remains elusive.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

wedding reception

i was supposed to go to a co-worker's brother's wedding reception saturday night. i had even arranged to meet another co-worker earlier in the day to shop for some proper attire and a wedding gift. but i fell ill and none of this ever happened. still, i managed to learn something about weddings and receptions in preparation.

a reception is quite a bit different here than at home. first of all, the wedding was a week ago, in a different city. this reception was for the bangalore crowd who couldn't make it to the wedding. there may therefore be many such receptions in the weeks following the wedding. secondly, you might ask what what business i have going to the reception of a co-worker's brother in the first place. apparently this is not unusual. you accompany your friends to events that are a big deal to your friend, regardless of their direct meaning to you. thus if your friend's brother gets married, you join your friend's entourage, even if you've never met the bride & groom. similarly if your friend's brother dies, you go with your friend to the funeral. you share the good and bad in your friend's life (which must make for hugely crowded events). third, the reception is basically a dinner. there is no dancing, and probably no drinking (booze served with food is rare here--you don't generally drink anywhere families go). i think there would have been some interesting cultural goings on though. i can only hope someone else (or their sibling) ties the knot in the next 3 months, and that i get invited again.