Thursday, April 26, 2007


my bangalore experience is entirely different this time.

last time it was all about reverting back to the late teens/early 20s i never really experienced in my late teens/early 20s. i dare not describe it more than i already have in posts past. best to say it would have probably made a decent mtv reality show. by decent i mean liked by the kind of people who like those things. i personally would have changed the channel.

most of the out-of-control barely post-teens are gone now. i find myself hanging out with my girlfriend and other couples. but they are young, unmarried couples. people who want more than large quantities of cheap beer and someone new and exciting to mount. they want cocktails and nice dinners out and career paths. suddenly i'm in my late 20's.

i've done this one before. and i'm not especially interested in doing it again.

clearly i have transcended this plane of existence and currently have nowhere decent to go. i am repeating life in an endless loop without bothering with the hindu formalities of death and rebirth. i am in some sort of limbo.

perhaps i will break free and become a spiritual guru in the bhagwan sri rashneesh vein. my messiah-like long blond hair, my years of wandering the earth, my mellow demeanor--never mind my transcendence--give me greater bona fides than most of the guru wannabes out there.

follow me!

sorry. it has been a long day at the office.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

green acres

my girlfriend is utterly incompetent. she cannot cook instant noodles. she doesn't know how to wash clothes in a bucket. not that i'm saying any of this is "woman's work". but suppose i fall on hard times and end up raising yaks up in the cold himalayan wild. i'd just like to know that my woman is hearty enough to milk our yaks and help with the chores while i hunt the nourishing mountain beasts our children must eat to survive. that's all. plus it's character building. people shouldn't have servants all their lives.

i suppose it must be like that "simple life" show i never saw.

fortunately she is an enthusiastic pupil.