Saturday, May 12, 2007

woman on the floor

i got up this morning and found a woman on my floor. in my sitting room. (yes, i have a sitting room.) she was on the floor in spite of a perfectly good couch right next to her.

I found my gf brushing her teeth in the bathroom. "Why are you brushing your teeth when there's a woman waiting in the other room?"

I learned that she was in no hurry to deal with the woman on the floor. rather she was going to get cleaned up and have coffee and so on and make the woman wait. this woman was a maid we were interviewing, and maids are apparently perfectly comfortable waiting. they also sit on floors rather than on furniture. this indicates that they "know their place". apparently "if you treat them like equals, they will take advantage."

the same words the english once used to justify the oppression of all indians.

I'll try my hand at an offensive remark: indians don't get irony so much.