Friday, June 10, 2005

change of plans

i was in my 4th month of a year long asia backpacking adventure (see my other blog). i hit china, laos, vietnam, malaysia, and singapore. in vietnam, i hurt my ankle. in fact, the first "doctor" i saw told me it was broken and saddled me with a cast extending from toe to knee. hmm, there must be out some way i could avoid going home... then it hit me. my company has an office in bangalore, india. after a few emails with the boss, we agreed i'd work there for 4 months and then continue my travels. on the way to arranging my visa, i stopped in at a fancy western clinic in ho chi minh city for a second opinion. more x-rays were taken, and the doc said my ankle wasn't broken at all, and removed my cast. but the ball was already rolling on this bangalore stint, and while i can now walk around without much of a problem, i'm still not ready to climb mt. kinabulu. so i'm headed to india to heal and to work and to see what happens.

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