Thursday, June 16, 2005

moving day

i move into my new place. on closer inspection, there are a variety of things that need fixing. among the most glaring: the shower is falling apart, the water filter doesn't do any filtering, one of the 3 fans doesn't work, and some lights don't light. maina (my landlady, sort of) seems committed to making everything right though. i meet my maid. maina was guessing my maid would cost 300 a month, but it turns out she wants 500, which she claimed the last 2 tenants paid. i am amazed to find out that for this amount ($12/month), she will come and clean EVERY DAY (except sundays). cleaning even includes doing my dishes and my laundry. the only problem is i'm not fond of the idea of a maid coming every day. especially because i have to be home to let her in, and then share the place with her while she works. maina insists that it would be completely insane to give your maid a key, as you would be robbed blind. she tells me that i should lock away anything of value while she's there. actually, maina is fond of telling me a lot of things i should be watchful for, and shares her own robbery stories. by the time she's done i find myself securing every bolt of every door in the apartment. the very fact that there are so many such bolts (as well as a massive secondary padlock on the front door) furthers my apprehension.

anyway, back to the maid. even though i'm not thrilled with these aspects of having a maid, it is something i think i should experience and is such a bargain that i cannot resist. i can always stop it.

after work, i head to the supermarket, excited to fill my fridge with comforting foods and beverages, but all the grocery stores close at 9pm. damn. home won't be too homey just yet.

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