Thursday, July 14, 2005

my future bride

the guys at work feel bad that i'm single and old (compared to them) so are trying to find someone to marry me. they walked me through a search of, billed as the worlds largest matrimonial website. too many of the hindu women seemed to have their priorities messed up, including wanting to marry within their caste or their race, etc. when i restricted the search to non-religious women (my officemates thought this was a very weird thing to do) i ended up with only 5 or 6 choices. my top pick is a 28 year old meat-eating school teacher and artist. an excerpt from her bio:

"...Want to share my life with someone who would be my friend and support, open-minded and non-superstitious. I believe in trust and transperency. I hate Hipocracy. I'm very much afraid of cats."

it's eerie. i could have written the very same thing, except that i'm very much afraid of squirrels. cats are pussies.


Dennis said...

For the lazy, our hero's future wife.

steyock said...

yep. that giant mole between her eyes kinda freaks me out though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no cracks about Indian women and their bindis! You might be married to one of them soon and then you will regret that you wrote this in your blog.

Watch out for Bengali women. According to stereotype they are all intellectuals, artists, socialists/communists and really independent thinkers. I am not sure a firecracker is your type.

steyock said...

thanks for the tip, but i'm safe. no wife of mine is gonna be allowed to use the internet. who knows what kind of crazy notions might end up in her pretty little bindied head.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your new wife steve!!!