Wednesday, August 17, 2005

lumpy and me and pee

i've had a strange lump at the base of my neck for a few months now, so i finally decided i'd get it looked at. the doc poked and prodded and squeezed and teased my neck nodule, then pronounced it harmless. i could get it cut out if i liked, but he didn't recommend bothering with that unless it gets bigger or infected.

total charge for doctor visit: $0. he said he didn't need to treat me, so it's free. i never filled out a single form or gave anyone my name. i walked in (sans appointment), saw the doctor, and walked out. so easy. screw you US health care system, you bastard.

since i'll be living with this lump for a while (perhaps forever), i've named it bernard.

as bernie and i headed home, i witnessed my first female public urination since college.


Harish said...

I thought you were responsible enough to protect young bernie from horrifying sight of public female urination!

steyock said...

I said I witnessed it, NOT we witnessed it!

Anonymous said...

this is too much. I've seen once before and was somwehat traumatized by the experience. I think you may need some good herbal tea to get over it.