Monday, August 22, 2005


i'm invited to a wedding this weekend, but it's way the hell over in chennai (madras to you old timers) and it's saturday at 7am. yeah, that's right....7am. i also need to buy clothes and shoes to wear, and figure out a gift.

i've never been to an indian wedding. should i go? will it be a cultural experience i dare not miss, or a snoozer (which might be literal given the time of day)? if you have experince with these things help me out. i'm also getting a lot of different stories on acceptable dress. if possible, do suggest clothes and shoes i should wear and the gift i should bring. it would be nice if i could wear something that would be useful for more than indian weddings (e.g. something i could wear to work or out at night).

is cash an acceptable gift? what amount is reasonable?


You know who this is said...

Wear your regular clothes, ie kakhis and a shirt (Chennai is very hot and humid, so carry a spare pair of clothes). Your footwear will not matter as you will leave them out of the marriage hall/place anyways.

I would recommend pooling in with others who are going with you to the wedding and getting one common gift. Yes cash is also acceptabe but I consider it a bit lame. On second thoughts, gifiting a elephant would be appropriate ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely go for the wedding. It is going to be a Brahmin wedding and it will give you enough material to blog for years.

We were stoned while Vijay was getting married in Chennai and that helped. But even without the incidentals it is likely to be a good experience. Find some company to go with.

If you want to get fancy, you can go shop for some nice Indian clothes. A fancy kurta and some nice sandals etc. Shower before you go. And shave. Wear pressed clothes. Look neat. Dont go straight from the train station.

Cash is lame. Get something. It doesnt matter what it is. Or like the previous commenter says, pool your gift with others.