Monday, October 10, 2005


i can't figure out where this dating thing is going, since all of the signs of forward progression are so different in a country where most people kiss for the first time after they're married. god knows i'm confused enough at home--here i'm utterly clueless. we could either be "just friends" or on the verge of our engagement.

i met her mother on sunday. i didn't know this meeting was coming--my date just kinda sprung it on me. we were left alone to chat for a while. she was friendly. nothing about the dowry though.

afterwards we visted the famous baby jesus shrine in her neighborhood where any wish made is guaranteed to come true. even hindus come here for the no-strings-attached jesus sponsored wish. i pulled the classic trick of wishing for more wishes. gotcha again jesus.

so there you have it. i go to church with her and hang out with her mom. good times. i'm living in the 50s. the 1750s. maybe we'll start holding hands soon, but does that come before or after the engagement?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would expect that a boy 'meeting mother' would normally be both meaningful and something the girl carefully plans in a traditional culture.

Can I get an 'Amen'? (from some of the Indian folks out there)

Anonymous said...

Nah ... boy meeting mother in the Indian context just means that the mom is pretty progressive. But it still doesnt mean that our beloved blogger is getting any nor does it mean that he is getting any closer to losing his bachelordom.