Saturday, January 21, 2006


well, it finally happened. my camera is gone. i had it, then i didn't. i don't know what happened. if it was stolen, i don't know how it was stolen. more likely i did something stupid.

i only lost my ahmedabad pictures (which i am quite sad about) and a few hours of udiapur, so it could have been worse.

i was forced to buy an inferior camera for more money than my original camera. india is a terrible place to buy electronics. high tariffs i think.

going now to file a police report (so i can make an insurance claim). that should be fun. i wonder how much i'll have to pay them for the priviledge. then i'll need to work on getting undepressed.


Anonymous said...

Electronics in India are expensive....

Anonymous said...

hopefully you don't have naked pictures of yourself on the camera. it could be a shocker to most when it becomes circulated.