Saturday, February 11, 2006

burmese daze

whatd'ya know... i can use blogger in burma. there are even tricks for accessing gmail.

so i was poisoned on the train from varanasi to gaya the day before my flight to burma. i somehow made it through the train and plane trips, each of which was several hours late. this is particularly impressive for a 2 hour flight. at least air india upgraded me to first class for free. anyway, i am still sick, spending a large part of each day and night purging my body of poisons. i get 4 or 5 hour reprieves, making me think i'm completely better, then it comes back. ugh.

the contrast from india to burma is striking. everyone here is quiet and mild mannered. there are no auto-rickshaws or motorbikes allowed on the squeaky clean streets of yangon. no one uses their horns. even though i'm sick, i'm quite happy to be here.

more later

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