Thursday, March 09, 2006

goodbye burma

tomorrow i catch a flight back to india (calcutta). at the moment i'm feeling less than excited about returning to the madness that is india after a month of gentle myanmar. i'll probably slowly make my way back to banglore, where i'll have some time to write about some of the highlights of myanmar (there were many). internet access here has been a constant battle.

today is a bit of a lowlight--it's sweltering hot here in yangon and i'm recovering from a 20 hour bus ride from inle lake. wish i were in chilly london sipping that pint anonymous #1 has offered...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1:

Pint offer not withdrawn despite poor no, extremely poor performance on blogging front (yes I noted the email access problem, excuses,excuses).

I thought you'd done with Bangalore? Are you going back to settle that bit of bother with the drunk who kept challenging you to fight him?

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time cooling off in London. Enjoy a pint, no a liter, here in Munich where it is still snowing. Winter lives on with tomorrow's high set for -4 degC. And yes the beer is better here.

Anonymous said...

An acquantance of mine has a test for travellers. If someone says they travel a lot, he checks to see if they have been to India. If they have, he checks to see if they have been to Calcutta. If they have, he finally checks to see if they have been into the very pit of hell itself, also known as the Calcutta train station.

That was a few years ago, but I'm hoping you visit and get some stories.

Anonymous said...

A medical doctor in the US revealed that there
is an Indian technique for a non-surgical vasectomy where they manipulate your boys (!) and tie them off with a knot inside.

Supposedly it is low impact enough to... be performed in train stations

I recommend you eat KFC first, and bring your own wet-nap for the specialist.

Anonymous said...

Were you really "poisoned" on the train back in Varanasi? Or did you just eat some bad food/water.

I hope Calcutta is treating you well. Read Tahir Shah's Sorcerer's Apprentice while you are there (or during the rest of your trip in India).