Saturday, May 06, 2006


a 12 hour bus ride and i find myself in dharamsala, home to the dalai lama and the tibetian government in exile. i haven't yet been granted an audience with his holiness. i'm obviously no richard gere. no one needs to confirm this in the comments section.

this is a pleasant place. the weather is perfect. mellow tibetans outnumber the often pushy punjabis. i can finally eat meat and have a beer again, this not being a hindu holy city.

somehow even in this quiet place i ended up in a rowdy bar last night, where a drunken young indian woman (itself a rarity) shouted to her drunken friends "i want STD" and started making out with one them (more of a rarity). STD, by the way, is a telephone communication standard used throughout the country. a drunken old german woman at a nearby table responded by shouting in incomprehensible yet frightening german at her invisible demons for the 4th time since i'd arrived. while not engaged in battle, she fixed her eerie slack-jawed gaze upon me. thankfully she never approached.

i think it's time to head back into nature.


Anonymous said...

don't forget to use protection!

update please -- where are you at now and what's happening?

Anonymous said...

you seem to have a girlfriend in every stop, which one are you marrying?

super timmy said...

i met the lama, you did not miss anything.