Friday, July 22, 2005


yes, i went with B&V to another disco, this one called sparks. as usual, B&V promised they'd bring other people, and as usual those people didn't show up. the club seemed dead at first, but lo and behold, scantily clad (by indian standards), menless women began to arrive in significant numbers (they get in free, we don't). soon they were even dancing to the plodding hip-hop churned out by a squad of hipster djs. all i had to do was go out there and i'd be dancing with 8 partnerless women. but like the shy young indian men all around me, i hadn't yet downed enough liquid courage to make this happen. neither had B & V. by the time i was drunk enough to dance, the 11pm closing hour hit and we were booted out. i'm so lame.


Anonymous said...

finally, it took you 30 some years to figure that out, "i'm so lame."

steyock said...

man, what a lame comment.