Sunday, July 03, 2005

police inaction

apparently our intended destination was shut down by the cops, and the evening degenerated into a few guys drinking in my apartment. B and V left at about 1am. i walked out on my balcony at 1:15 and saw them in the streets talking to a group of about 5 cops. probably nothing. i checked again half an hour later and they were still there. this generated a little concern. i walked out to see what was going on, not that i really had much of a strategy for getting them out of the clutches of the police. fortunately i didn't have to. B speaks some kannada (the local language) which delighted the bored police and they were just chatting. finally the conversation broke up, but at this point B and V were worried about finding an auto-rickshaw that wouldn't charge them 4 times the going rate. so they came back to my place and fell asleep on my couches. B was a little concerned that the bored cops would follow us home in search of some booze and something more entertaining than hanging around in the streets with the stray dogs, but they didn't. but this got me thinking... maybe i should befriend the notoriously corrupt cops. once i have them on my side i could get away with anything. not that i have a lot of underworld ambitions here. not yet at least.

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